Books for Incoming Students

1Ls are here today and tomorrow for orientation. At some point we hope you make your way to the law library. Monday August 13th from 10 AM to 4 PM stop by the library entrance for a meet and greet, giveaways, tips and tours. If you haven’t already, re-visit the email sent from the library for a link to our incoming student guide which includes books and movies about law student life and the legal profession, resources to follow while in law school, library hours and contact information. There are also several video tutorials including a 2 minute intro to the library’s services (embedded here) and instructions on finding course reserves through the library catalog GAVEL.

As if you didn’t have enough to do and think about already, you may still be interested in checking out some items from the library geared especially towards new law students. Check out the following titles below located in our Career and Professional Resource collection:

1Excelling in Law School: A Complete Approach

KF272 .M548 2013

Written by a recent law school graduate this book transcends merely surviving the experience, demonstrating how to earn high grades by working smart, excel in extracurricular activities, publish, and land top jobs. Miller relieves some of the anxiety about law school by conveying proven strategies that will appeal to today’s tech-savvy law student. He outlines the available resources and study-aids.

2A Short & Happy Guide to Being a Law Student

KF273 .F728 2014

A must-read whenever worry or doubt creep in. In this volume you will find essential wisdom for the study of law and life. Learn from the unprecedented ten-time recipient of the Professor of the Year award how to be your best in and out of class, how to prepare for exams, how to succeed on exams, how to put your best foot forward in a job interview, how to find teachers to inspire you, what to do in classes that leave you uninspired, how to cope with stress and how to create value in everything you do.

3Get a Running Start: Your Comprehensive Guide to the First Year Curriculum

KF283 .G739 2016

This book offers a global overview of 1L curriculum in a single volume. In short, available lessons, it covers all the major concepts taught in each of the courses most commonly offered in the first year: criminal law, torts, civil procedure, constitutional law, property, and contracts. . . . By reading through all the lessons for a course, first-year students will get a complete overview of each course early in the semester.

4What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know

KF283 .G46 2016

This brief book is designed to prepare students for their first year of law school, thereby decreasing their anxiety and increasing their chances of achieving academic success. Also appropriate for non-J.D. students, including LLM students from foreign countries and graduate students outside law school.


5Law School Lowdown: Secrets of Success from the Application Process to Landing the First Job

KF283 .S37 2013

New law students will find the practical guidance for success–plus tips on pitfalls to avoid–when you open this book. Written by a recent Harvard Law School graduate who is currently associated with major Wall Street law firm, this blueprint for legal accomplishment gets down to specifics including a model brief of a case for class.

6Open Book: The Inside Track to Law School Success

KF283 .F75 2016

a book that every JD and LLM law student needs to read, either before classes start or as they get going in their 1L year. This book introduces law students to the basic structure of our legal system and to the distinctive features of legal reasoning. To prepare students for exams, the book explains in clear and careful detail what exams are designed to test.


7Navigating the First Year of Law School

KF283 .H47 2016

This book for entering law students covers how lawyers use the law, how the legal system works, how to study, how to read and brief case decisions, how to participate in class, how to prepare course outlines, and how to study for exams and write essay exam answers. It also provides a chapter with pointers about legal research and writing because of the importance of these subjects in the first-year curriculum.

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