New DVD: Side Out

Side OutWish it were still Spring Break? Pretend it is with the 1990 movie Side Out – it has beaches, volleyball, and lawyers!

Midwestern law student Monroe Clark moves to Los Angeles to intern for his lawyer uncle. But Monroe ends up hanging out at the beach instead – getting involved in the competitive beach volleyball scene. Oh, and there is some civil procedure too.

Find it in the Law Library DVD Movie Collection!

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Federal Administrative Law: A Brief Overview

19CFRIf you need some help researching administrative law, the Law Librarians’ Society of Washington D.C. has released a guide that provides a general overview of the law, terminology used in this area, different databases to research, and much more!

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Treaties on


As the transition to progresses, the Library of Congress now has treaties available going back to 1949.  You can select “All Sources” and search across all of these data sets at once, something that was not possible on the former website, The Library of Congress blog also discusses the new features that are available in the treaties database.

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Free Law Practice Technology E-Book


The recently released, free e-book, Law Practice Technology, provides a nice introduction to different technologies new attorneys will encounter in their practice as a lawyer.  Although not meant to be comprehensive, this book does a nice job of giving an overview of some software and issues that attorneys will need to be familiar with in their practice.  If you are interested in this topic, the Maureen Cahill and Jason Tubinis will be teaching a class entitled Research and Technology Skills for the Georgia Attorney this Fall.

Hat Tip: Be Specific

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Peeps in Law 2015: Game of Peeps

ABA Journal's 2015 Peeps Contest: Game of PeepsThe ABA Journal’s Peeps in Law contest is now in its seventh year. This year’s theme: Game of Peeps. Submissions are in and the judging has begun! Initial judging is being done by ABA Journal staff, after which the entries will be up for public vote. Submissions are on view from March 24-April 5. Judges will be looking for the most “creative expression of legal themes.” Done in Peeps, of course. Winners will be announced April 7. The top three dioramas will receive “bragging rights from the ABA Journal and prizes from Just Born, the makers of Peeps.” Who will hold the Sugar Throne, this year?


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Net Neutrality Debate

There has been a lot of news about “net neutrality” in the press recently.  The Congressional Research Service just issued a report entitled Access to Broadband Networks: The Net Neutrality Debate that describes the legal issues in this topic and the relevant legal documents.

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Women’s History Month Display

Book display for Women's History Month 2015

As you travel through the law library, this month, we invite you to stop by the book display in the Reference area highlighting a few remarkable women in the law. Among them are activists, educators, lawyers, justices and senators, including Shirin Ebadi, Elena Kagan, Florynce Kennedy, Belva Lockwood, Constance Baker Motley, and Sonja Sotomayor. The display will be up for the remainder of the month.

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