4th of July Weekend – Library Hours of Operation

The Alexander Campbell King Law Library will be closed in observance of the Independence Day Holiday on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4. Our hours of operation for the remainder of this week and Sunday are:

Wednesday, July 1: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Thursday, July 2: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Friday, July 3: CLOSED
Saturday, July 4: CLOSED
Sunday, July 5: 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm

For more library hours: http://www.law.uga.edu/library-hours-operation

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That’s a wrap: U.S. Supreme Court October Term 2014

Judges of the U.S. Supreme CourtThe U.S. Supreme Court issued its last three opinions on argued cases from OT14, this morning.

Glossip v. Gross (the challenge to Oklahoma’s lethal injection procedure): The Court decided that Oklahoma’s use of the sedative midazolam as part of its lethal injection protocol does not violate the Eighth Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Analysis from the New York Times.

Michigan v. EPA (consideration of costs in enforcing the Clean Air Act): The Court decided that the EPA, in the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards rule, failed to consider the costs of pollution controls. Analysis from The Washington Post.

Arizona Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (whether Arizona voters can transfer power over federal congressional districting to an independent commission): The Court decided that the state of Arizona may use a commission to draw congressional districts. Analysis from Jurist.org.

Today’s and all the opinions from this term are posted at the Court’s website. Audio from today’s opinions will be loaded in a few weeks.

Reuters News has a visual wrap-up of the major cases decided this term and here is the official “Granted and Noted” list for October Term 2014, updated as of today.

Looking ahead to October Term 2015, five more cases were granted review today – here’s today’s list of orders – and the Court will issue the final orders of the current term tomorrow morning. Here’s the Court’s official “Granted and Noted” list, so far (check it again after tomorrow’s orders).

As of today, the Court is officially in recess until the first Monday in October at 10 o’clock.

We invite you to investigate the scholarship on these and other subjects emerging from the University of Georgia School of Law at our Digital Commons.

Need more resources? Ask a Law Librarian! E-mail us at lawref@uga.edu or call us at (706) 542-6591.

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Georgia Magistrate Court Rules Updated

aoc homeThe Administrative Office of the Courts, which publishes the rules of all classes of courts for the state of Georgia, has just published the updated Uniform Rules of the Magistrate Courts. The new rules are available on its website, along with rules 
for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, and the Uniform Rules of the Superior, State, Juvenile, 
Probate, and Municipal Courts.

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U.S. Supreme Court 2014-15 Term Winding Down

Seal of the Supreme Court of the United StatesAfter this morning’s opinions, Texas Dept. of Housing v. Inclusive Communities and King v. Burwell, five decisions remain in this U.S. Supreme Court term. More decisions will be announced tomorrow and possibly Monday, among them Obergefell v. Hodges, the “gay marriage” case about which the Court received a record number of amicus briefs, and Glossip v. Gross, the challenge to Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocol. The decisions announced to date, including this morning’s, are online at the SCOTUS website as are all the related briefs, as well as transcripts and audio of the oral arguments. You can also target content on the SCOTUS website using their SCOTUS website Advanced Search tool.

The U.S. Supreme Court famously does not allow live audio or video coverage from the courtroom but you can follow announcements in close to real-time from several sources, including the Peabody Award-winning SCOTUSblog and The Wall Street Journal. For insight into how the justices have voted, so far, this term, the WSJ created a user-friendly database searchable by topic, with links to the opinions and relevant coverage in the journal.

SCOTUSblog’s Amy Howe is providing analysis of the remaining cases in brief in her column In Plain English. For further insight into the two pending cases mentioned above, Journalist’s Resource at the Harvard Kennedy School has gathered links to current scholarship relevant to gay marriage and capital punishment. For scholarship on these and other subjects emerging from the University of Georgia School of Law, you can easily search our Digital Commons.

Need more resources? Ask a Law Librarian! E-mail us at lawref@uga.edu or call us at (706) 542-6591.

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New Book: The Three Governors Controversy

The Three Governors ControversyThe death of Georgia governor-elect Eugene Talmadge in late 1946 launched a constitutional crisis that ranks as one of the most unusual political events in U.S. history: Georgia had three active governors at once, each claiming that he was the true elected official. The new book The Three Governors Controversy : Skullduggery, Machinations, and the Decline of Georgia’s Progressive Politics details the lasting effects this controversy had on Georgia politics.

Find the book in the Law Library Basement F291 .B924 2015.

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Law Library of Congress Resource Guide on Law of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Law Library of Congress logoThe blog of the Law Library of Congress today features an online guide highlighting resources addressing the legal issues surrounding gender identity and sexual orientation in the United States. For those awaiting the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Obergefell v. Hodges (expected this month) and/or simply looking for more information on this complex area of law, see The Law of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: A Beginner’s Guide.

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Congress.gov New Features


website has recently added new features

“There are two additional items listed on our Fields Values List.  One is the Member Bioguide Ids, which is a list of all Members in our system and their unique identifier, and the other is Committee Names and Codes.  There are also four new items on our Browse page:

See the full post from the Congress.gov blog for more information.

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