Law School Hosts Global Health Governance Conference

On Monday, January 25, 2021, the The Dean Rusk International Law Center and the Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law at the University of Georgia School of Law will host a daylong, virtual conference on The Future of Global Healthcare Governance.

Conference speakers will address three crucial questions of global health governance. First, whether and how the ailing global public health infrastructure might be reinvigorated; second, how the pandemic has threatened and exposed limitations of the social safety net in the United States and other economies around the world; and, finally, the phenomenon of vaccine refusal and what national and international legal institutions might do to curb it.

For a schedule and list of speakers, see

Registration for this conference is required.

The Law Library will livestream the conference (on mute) near the library entrance, along with a display of items authored by the conference speakers and other relevant materials.

In addition to the materials we will have on display, the Law Library and University Libraries both provide access to a wealth of material on global health governance. Search GAVEL and GIL using a keyword search of global health or a subject search of Public Health Laws International to retrieve some of these materials.

Examples of relevant titles include:

Global Health Law
by Lawrence O. Gostin

available via GAVEL as eBook

Power, Suffering, and the Struggle for Dignity: Human Rights Frameworks for Health and Why They Matter
by Alicia Ely Yamin

available in the Law Library and via GAVEL as eBook

Plagues and the Paradox of Progress
by Thomas J. Bollyky

available at UGA Science Library 4th Floor

Globalex provides a useful Research Guide to Global Health Law, with references to print and online materials and links to international and regional organizations. The Public Health Research Guide and the Coronavirus Resources: Publicly Available Research Guide at University Libraries both point researchers to additional relevant resources in the GALILEO databases and on the web.

For additional assistance with your research, please contact a reference librarian at or!

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Law Dawgs of the Month: Hansi & Kevin

By Anne Burnett

Kevin & Hansi

January’s Law Dawgs are Hansi and Kevin, who live with 2L Emina Herzberger. Hans-Dieter (Hansi) is a German Shorthaired Pointer who loves nothing more than being outside. Having been raised in the Colorado mountains, he’s still adjusting to Georgia summers and humidity. Kevin is a quarantine rescue kitten who is quickly learning how to be a dog from Hansi, including how to play fetch and beg at the dinner table.

All members of the Law School Community (students, faculty and staff) are invited to submit a photo for possible selection as the Law Dawg. The featured entry for each issue will be selected at random from all entries received. Please note that honorary Law Dawgs (i.e. those of the feline, equine, porcine, avian, reptilian, etc. persuasion) are eligible as well.

Please send your Law Dawg photo(s) to

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Welcome Back!

By TJ Striepe

On behalf of the staff of the Law Library I would like to welcome you to the start of our the Spring Semester and wish you a happy 2021. As you may know, Carol Watson retired as the Law Library Director in December after over 30 years of service to the Law School, and I was lucky enough to be named her successor. I look forward to serving the Law School community and making sure all members of our community continue to receive outstanding service, instruction, and access to our resources.

I want to thank all of you for your cooperation with the COVID polices in place at the Law Library. The same policies will apply during this semester:

  • Always wear your mask when you are in the Law Library
  • Print resources from our collection will be quarantined for 72 hours upon return
  • Law students and undergraduates enrolled in law courses have priority seating in the Law Library

We will continue to monitor the Law Library’s facilities and adjust our policies as needed. Please notify a staff member if you have any concerns.

We will continue to conduct Law Library reference services virtually via:

We have developed an online form for students to request contactless delivery of an item: However, please note that items on reserve will continue to be on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you need assistance with research or otherwise, please reach out to our staff, and we will be happy to help. Best wishes to all of you during this semester. We look forward to supporting all of you so that you are able to have a successful semester.

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The Georgia Legislature Is In Session

By Amy Taylor

2021 is the first year of the 2021-2022 Regular Session. The first of Georgia’s 40 legislative session days began on Monday, January 11, 2021. Here is a list of the bills prefiled before the beginning of the session. You can also read daily reports from the House.

There are a couple of options for bill tracking. The Georgia General Assembly provides bill searching by member, committee, keywords, bill type, bill number, and bill status.

You can also view the House and Senate calendars, House and Senate votes, and House and Senate composite charts for current bill status. The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Legislative Navigator highlights their picks for bills worth watching. You can also search their Member page for information on each legislator’s top contributors, sponsored bills, recent votes, and committee memberships.

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Remembering MLK: Holiday Hours, Library Resources & Reflective Structured Dialogue Training

By Rachel Evans & Geraldine Kalim

This Monday, January 18th, the Law Library will be closed in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day. For more library hours, visit our website. The University will be closed for this holiday, and the law school community is encouraged to participate in community service opportunities.

Although there are less volunteer opportunities to serve in person this year, there are interesting new opportunities like Reflective Structured Dialogue Training. Taking place on MLK Day from 10am-2:30pm, this training is an excellent way to honor the spirit of this Day of Service by choosing to have a “day on” instead of a “day off.” The deadline to register is TODAY January 13th at 4pm. Please sign up online.

The Law Library also has many items related to MLK from the collection available for check out in advance of Monday’s holiday. You can find these and other titles on display above our media area:

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Morality of Legal Practice: Lessons in Love and Justice

by Robert K. Vischer / Available on the Balcony–  KF373.K523 V57 2013

This book seeks to reframe our understanding of the lawyer’s work by exploring how Martin Luther King, Jr built his advocacy on a coherent set of moral claims regarding the demands of love and justice in light of human nature.

Protest at Selma: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Voting rights act of 1965

By David J. Garrow / Available in the Basement- JK1929.A2 G37

Vivid descriptions of violence and courageous acts fill David Garrow’s account of the momentous 1965 protest at Selma, Alabama, in which the author illuminates the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in organizing the demonstrations that led to the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Judgment Days: Lyndon Baines Johnson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Laws that Changed America

by Nick Kotz / Available in the Basement- E847.2. K67 2005

The Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Nick Kotz offers the first thorough account of the complex working relationship between Lyndon Baines Johnson and Martin Luther King Jr. Tracing both leaders’ paths, from Johnson’s ascension to the presidency in 1963 to King’s assassination in 1968, Kotz describes how they formed a wary alliance that would become instrumental in producing some of the most substantial civil rights legislation in American history: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


The March : the Story of the Greatest March in American History

by PBS & Smoking Dogs Films U.K / Available in the Media Display – E185.61 .M324 2013

Witness the compelling and dramatic story of the 1963 March on Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King gave his stirring “I Have a Dream” speech. This watershed event in the Civil Rights Movement helped change the face of America. Recounts the events when 250,000 people came together to form the largest demonstration the young American democracy had ever seen.


A More Beautiful and Terrible History: the Uses and Misuses of Civil Rights History

by Jeanne Theoharis / Available in the Basement – E185.61 .T44 2018

The civil rights movement has become national legend, lauded by presidents from Reagan to Obama to Trump, as proof of the power of American democracy. This fable, featuring dreamy heroes and accidental heroines, has shuttered the movement firmly in the past, whitewashed the forces that stood in its way, and diminished its scope. Author Theoharis challenges nine key aspects of the fable to reveal the diversity of people, especially women and young people, who led the movement; the work and disruption it took; the role of the media and “polite racism” in maintaining injustice; and the immense barriers and repression activists faced.


Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years

by Blackside, WGBH Boston & PBS / Available in the Media Display – E185.61 .E93 2010 (3 discs)

The definitive story of the Civil Rights era from the point of view of the ordinary men and women whose extraordinary actions launched a movement that changed the fabric of American life, and embodied a struggle whose reverberations are felt today.

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Public Domain Day, 2021; or, It’s Finally Time for The Muppet Great Gatsby!

By Wendy Moore, Stephen Wolfson & Rachel Evans

The time is here, the moment is now, the people have demanded: Give us The Muppet Great Gatsby!

When the clock strikes midnight at the end of the year, while so many of us watch the ball drop in Times Square, sing Auld Lang Syne, and drink our champagne, U.S. Copyright Law celebrates something a bit different: The annual growth of the public domain. Under 17 U.S.C. 305, all copyrights expire on December 31, and this year, that means that works from 1925 are now free for us all to use, without restriction. 

Because of how the law works, this is only the third celebration of public domain day. But for many people, this may be the most exciting one, because this year, The Great Gatsby enters the public domain. Considered by many to be one of the best novels ever written, The Great Gatsby has been subject to several remakes, both in film and on stage. But as of yet, there is no Muppet version of this American classic. This must change, and now is the time! Because honestly, tell us something that wouldn’t be improved by the addition of muppets? We’ll wait.

So, in the tradition of the greatest version of A Christmas Carol ever made (yes, better than Scrooged!) we present our dream cast for The Muppet Great Gatsby. Get on it, Disney! 

Do you have any alternate suggestions? Please share them. Because this is what makes the public domain so great! All of these works are now ours to reproduce, use, and remix as we want. The only limitation is your creativity.  

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby

With apologies to Robert Redford, Leonardo DiCaprio is the definitive screen Gatsby, in our opinion. With his casual charm and charisma, it is easy to understand how so many could fall under his spell. And who doesn’t want to see Leo get wacky with some muppets? 

Kermit the Frog as Nick Carraway 

Really, who else could play Nick? Kermit’s profound sense of ennui will be perfect in this role. 

Miss Piggy as Daisy Buchanan 

Role she was made to play!

Fozzie Bear as Tom Buchanan 

Casting Fozzie against type is an inspired choice, here. Think Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems or Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Tom Buchanan is boisterous and outspoken, just like Fozzie, and this role will give our favorite studebaker-driving bear the chance to stretch his dramatic legs. Wakka wakka, but seriously. 

Emma Stone as Jordan Baker 

Who doesn’t want to drink and golf with Emma Stone? This is a no-brainer. 

Gonzo as George Wilson 

The working class’s everyman. You may not immediately think of Gonzo in this role, but hear us out. Who else has the range to play an auto mechanic and Camilla’s husband, who is ultimately driven by jealous rage at the conclusion of the story? Only the Great Gonzo, that’s who! 

Camilla as Myrtle Wilson 

Girls just wanna have fun...

Janice as Catherine 

Playing Myrtle’s sister, Janice is always ready for a good party, even if she technically isn’t invited...

Matthew Broderick as Meyer Wolfshiem

Will bring a dignified 21st Century portrayal to this problematic character.  

Rizzo the Rat as Michaelis 

Borrowing a page from the Brad Bird’s animated masterpiece, Ratatouille, Rizzo will add his own joei de vivre to the role of Michaelis, George Wilson's restaurateur neighbor. 

Rolf as Ewing Klipspringer 

Playing the part of one of Gatsby's "boarders," we imagine Rolf hanging around Gatsby’s house, playing the Wurlitzer. 

Sam the Eagle as Dan Cody 

Sam Eagle will add his deep gravitas (and deep baritone) to wealthy copper mogul Dan Cody. Imagine him delivering a summary of the movie’s message at the end. Priceless. 

Baby Piggy as Pammy Buchanan 

Muppet Babies!

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as Henry C. Gatz and Beaker as his loveable sidekick

Loveable, folksy father of Jay Gatsby played by loveable Honeydew and his ultra-loveable best friend, Beaker. 

Cameo appearances by

Ryan Gosling, Donald Glover, Sam Waterston, Awkwafina, Scooter, Samuel L. Jackson, Austin Pendleton, Tiffany Haddish, Paul Rudd, Dr. Teeth, Bruce Dern, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jason Segel, Ken Jeong, Carol Kane, Tracy Morgan, Taylor Swift, Animal, Hasan Minhaj, Mia Farrow, Rita Moreno, Keanu Reeves, Big Bird and more...

For more works from 1925, check out this excellent post from the Duke Law center for the study of the public domain featuring extensive lists from the1925 Catalogue of Copyright Entries!

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From the Front Lines: Tips on Searching for Course Reserves

By Szilvia Somodi, Savanna Nolan, Geraldine Kalim & Rachel Evans

A high percentage of conversations you might overhear at the Circulation Desk of the Law Library near the start of any semester will be related to course reserves. Here is just one example snippet of one of these conversations:

Circulation Staff member: “Hi, what can we help you with today?”

Law Student: “I would like to check out the big red Constitutional Law book for my class.”

Circulation Staff member: “Sure thing, do you know the title and author of this big red Constitutional Law Book?”

Law Student: “No, I am not sure of the exact title, sorry.”

Circulation Staff member: “No worries, then tell me who your Professor is and we will try to find it that way.”

Law Student: “I can’t quite recall their name off the top of my head, sorry.”

…and here is when the story gets interesting…

If you were to do a basic keyword search, you would find that there are nearly fifteen thousand results listed in our database, GAVEL. That would be way too time-consuming to wade through to find the one particular big red Constitutional Law book you are after, wouldn’t it? Just look at all those red Constitutional Law books!

But fear not, we can show you how to take the guesswork out this equation and navigate our database. It is possible to find your course in the Reserve database even if you have not memorized your Professor’s name just yet. Just type in the Course name and voila, a list displays on the screen where we can see every Faculty member’s name teaching that subject and it is also visible which books they have chosen for their class.

Once we figure out which big red Constitutional law book you really wanted we usually hand you an index card with the actual CALL NUMBER of aforementioned book so that you can approach the Circulation Desk with this knowledge the next time. Some of our students roll with the times and take an actual picture of the CALL NUMBER and just show the photo to us when they need to borrow the item again.

Have you noticed that the phrase CALL NUMBER is always capitalized throughout this text? That is because that is the key, the piece of information, that those working in the library need to locate particular items. We can save so much valuable time by knowing which big red book you really need for class.

For more information about how to search and locate course reserves, watch the short video tutorial above! Many items on reserve are not just in print, but may be available electronically. The video in this post created by  Instruction and Faculty Services Librarian Savanna Nolan demos searching for and locating course reserves. Due to COVID-19 times between returned course reserve items and their availability to be checked out again by another student have increased. For the latest information, contact us!


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Resource Spotlight: What To Checkout Over Holiday Break

Although the Law Library will be closed during holiday break, we have rounded up a list of recommendations to checkout before you leave campus. If you are stuck here around Athens until classes resume, try one of the following ideas to keep yourself busy in the coming weeks:

What to Watch

LAW LIBRARY DVDS: The Law Library has collections of feature films and episodes available to checkout. You can checkout items before exams by visiting the circulation desk. Our DVDs are conveniently located just past the reference desk on your left. Get items before exams end this Friday, December 11th and keep them over holiday break! We even have some movie recommendations in a past blog post: Holiday Films & What to Watch at Christmas.

Media Desk at Main Library

MAIN LIBRARY MEDIA DESK: The same goes for UGA’s Main Library! Their Media Desk (located on the basement floor, one level down from their entrance level) has a huge selection of titles on BluRay, DVD and even VHS. Not just feature films, but episodes and multi-movie box sets including animation. Browse their items for a title you like at: Normal checkout periods are currently extended until after the holiday break. You can check out three items (but box sets count as a single item!).

STREAMING VIDEO: Law students also have access to all of the Main UGA Library video streaming services using your UGA myID and password. There is a fantastic guide that lists the various streaming video links in one location for you at: These include access to Kanopy (where film buffs can find Criterion Channel titles!) and Films on Demand just to name a couple.

What to Read

Legal Graphic Novels

LAW LIBRARY GRAPHIC NOVELS & LEGAL COMICS: Our own library has lighter reading options if you are searching for something to checkout before the library closes for holiday break. There is a past blog post that highlighted some of our favorites from the collection: Most of these items are located in our basements stacks that are still off limits. You can still request the item through our online catalog, or ask someone for assistance at the circulation desk and we can get one of these titles for you.

POPULAR FICTION AT MAIN UGA LIBRARY: The Main Library just across the quad from the Law School entrance has a great selection of fiction, including popular novels. Looking for recommendations? Look no further than the staff picks reviewed by librarians and staff: The main library also has excellent non-legal non fiction titles as well as graphic novels and other leisure reads for your holiday break.

What Else?

ACC Public Library

PUBLIC LIBRARY HOURS: There are several public libraries in the Athens-Clarke Regional Library System that will remain open more during the holiday break than our Law Library or UGA Main Library. For hours of operation at the Athens branch you can visit: On that page you can also find information about the other local public library branch locations and hours, and learn about their collections and services. They even have ukulele’s for checkout! Want to make music over the break? Visit to read all about their instrument checkout and resources for learning to play the ukulele.

Wondering if the Law Library is open? Read more about all of our holiday break hours.

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UGA Law Library Busts the Stress with Mindfulness, Tea, and Sound Baths

Visit the UGA Law Library Stress Busters Playlist at

Earlier this year when exams were fully online for the first time in the Spring of 2020, librarians jumped into action gathering resources from across the web for students, faculty, and staff to help them bust the stresses virtually. Our guide has continued to grow, and even expanded to include a separate resource guide dedicated to mindfulness specifically. We didn’t stop there though… live, although still virtual, events have continued as we strive to provide our community with curated content to encourage healthy study habits, self-care, and relaxation when facing this Fall 2020 exam period. Check out the following four highlights and follow the links to explore more of our ongoing stress busting events and online resources:

Two Guided Meditations

Mindfulness is something the library was pursuing throughout 2020 in greater depth. A team of librarians and staff worked together to collect many resources, as well as to create some specifically for the UGA School of Law community. Highlights of the “Mindfulness” LibGuide include a mythbusting infographic page, a section with app reviews to help you focus and take care of yourself, and two original guided meditations. One video is 3 minutes in length while the other is 5 minutes. A still image of a tree accompanies the audio, with the meditation text composed by Associate Director for Instruction and Access Services Librarian Heather Simmons and the audio recording narrated by Metadata Services & Special Collections Librarian Rachel Evans.

Making Tea with Heather Simmons

This is the second recording of the popular virtual event where students were invited to make tea with Associate Director for Instruction and Access Services Librarian Heather Simmons. Housed on our “Fuel Up” page of the Stress Busters LibGuide you can watch and make tea along with Heather. Attendees of the live event in Zoom were able to ask questions about tea preferences and the brewing process. On this page you will also find Heather’s Spring 2020 video alongside Copyright & Research Services Librarian Stephen Wolfson’s coffee instructional video. There is even a cookie recipe at the end of the page as well! We encourage you to stay healthy while studying and facing other exam and holiday season stresses by eating well and engaging regularly in self-care. For more tips on how to eat better, visit our “Stress Management” page from the new “Study Aids” LibGuide.

Virtual Sound & Forest Bathing with Rachel Evans

Even before the pandemic hit, in 2019 the library was experimenting with offering sound bath experiences to law students early in the morning before exams. The live events featured a low-lighting room (Classroom L) cleared of tables so attendees could sit or lie down, close their eyes, and listen to relaxing music to mentally cleanse themselves before plunging into their exam. In the Spring two virtual versions were offered in Zoom, performed live by Web Developer Leslie Grove and Metadata Services & Special Collections Librarian Rachel Evans. This Fall Rachel has made another recording, this time a virtual sound and forest bath, featuring video of a walk through the woods. Watch or just listen in while you study, or read more about forest bathing to get out in nature and do this yourself! You can find the video on our Stress Busters LibGuide “Relax” page along with related virtual resources like yoga sessions, background noise generators, and more.

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Resource Spotlight: Study Aids LibGuide & Recordings

By Savanna Nolan

If you missed the live Lunch & Learn on study aids Heather SimmonsSavanna Nolan, and Geraldine Kalim gave in November, don’t fear!  Law librarian Rachel Evans has taken the recording of the session and made it into a resource you can access whenever you need. 

We now have a LibGuide on study aids, including a page highlighting the differences and uses for types of study aids.  Once you know how to use them, you can use our page on specific study aids organized by subject to find the one that fits you best.  The LibGuide page also links to our pages on mindfulness resources and our calendar of Stress Busting events, including tomorrow’s pet therapy zoom at 3pm!

Visit the LibGuide for access to all of the study aid resource, or watch clips from our study aids video playlist below:

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