HeinOnline’s New Database: State Constitutions Illustrated

UntitledHeinOnline’s newest database is State Constitutions Illustrateda collection of the constitutions of the 50 states of the United States along with related documents and resources. It literally contains the text of every constitution that has been in force for every single state with original, consolidated and current texts. It also has an extensive collection of documents from before statehood. It currently has nearly 10,000 historical and current constitutions and constitutional documents, and they are adding even more.

From the HeinOnline landing page, click on the top left gold drop-down list of databases. Find and select State Constitutions Illustrated:

To use the database, first go to the main landing page of State Constitutions Illustrated which displays a lovely map view. From there you can either click the desired state on the map, or select the state name from a drop-down menu. The black numbers on the map numbers along with color coding show the boundaries of the United States Courts of Appeals and United States District Courts. Once you have selected a state you can expand sections to view a constitution by date along with amendments and other related documents. It also links to scholarly articles.


There is an excellent LibGuide HeinOnline provides with tips for searching this database including a neat Venn Diagram search tool that shows you how search terms interact with each other visually. Check it out at https://libguides.heinonline.org/state-constitutions-illustrated/search.

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