Favorites from Fiction #9

It has been since September 2018 when we last shared a favorite fictional lawyer. To compliment our current display of legal-centric graphic novels and comics the next installment in this series comes to us from Copyright & Research Services Law Librarian Stephen Wolfson. Stephen writes:


When people think of superhero lawyers, Daredevil is usually the first character that comes to mind. However, my favorite has always been She Hulk. If you don’t know She Hulk’s background, her real name is Jennifer Walters. She gained her powers after receiving an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner (a.k.a. the other Hulk). And when she’s not punching bad guys, she’s working with clients as a lawyer — a lawyer who happens to be big, green, and super strong, that is.


Excerpt from Law and Disorder

One of my favorite She Hulk stories is Law and Disorder by Charles Soule. Before getting into comics, Soule was an attorney in New York City, first at Ropes & Gray, LLP, then later with his own practice. So he brings a particularly interesting perspective to a story about a super powered lawyer. Along with She Hulk, Soule has written a number of other Marvel books, including Darth VaderPoe DameronThe Death of Wolverine, and yes, Daredevil.

In Law and Disorder, She Hulk hangs out her shingle, and starts a law practice helping people who have to deal with the the fallout from living in a world with super powered people doing super powered things.  With art by Javier Pulido and Ron Wimberly that perfectly matches the tone of the writing, Law and Disorder never takes itself too seriously, and offers a nice relief from more serious reading (i.e. Securities Regulation casebooks, 19th century due process decisions, Frank Miller comics).

So go check out She Hulk: Law and Disorder. It’s great!

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