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With Hurricane Michael on the horizon, it is a great time to refresh yourself with Emergency resources, including those for Severe or Inclement Weather. Don’t get too worried! Prepare but do not despair. UGA has an excellent article on strategies for coping with severe weather regarding mental health. The University of Georgia School of Law has an excellent quick reference guide with several resources related to emergencies including weather, personal prep, active threats and other potential situations. Visit the UGA Law Quick Reference guide for a full list of resources, including actions plans specific to School of Law buildings.

Prepare yourself by bookmarking these key resources:

  • UGA’s Emergency news and information site at http://emergency.uga.edu/.
  • UGA Alert Emergency notification system at http://www.ugaalert.uga.edu/ allows you to receive emergency messages on multiple devices in the event of crisis or disaster.
  • UGA’s Office of Emergency Preparedness “What to do” webpage at http://www.prepare.uga.edu/emergency-what-to-do/ has a list of best practices for various situations including active shooters, bomb threats, chemical spills, fire, medical emergency, disability procedures, utility failure, and severe weather.
  • UGA’s Twitter Feed is a great one to follow for the most current status of campus closures.

UGA Prepares for Hurricane Michael

The UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness is monitoring Hurricane Michael. Any announcements regarding UGA’s response, including schedule changes or cancellations and campus closures, will be made through official UGA channels, including ArchNews and emergency.uga.edu.

UGA students, faculty and staff should check their email and the UGA homepage. Now is also the time to verify your emergency contact information at ugaalert.uga.edu.

Here are additional resources:

Preparedness Tips for UGA Community

Although the exact impacts to the Athens area as a result of Hurricane Michael are not entirely known, the forecast includes high winds, heavy rain and possible tornadoes throughout Wednesday evening and overnight in to Thursday.

There are some simple steps you can take to prepare for inclement weather:

  • Check your contact information in the UGAAlert system at www.ugaalert.uga.edu.
  • Be sure to leave your phone on overnight or have another way to receive emergency weather information.
  • Fully charge your phone and other electronic devices in advance of the storm.
  • Consider limiting your travel outside this evening and overnight due to possible tree and debris hazards resulting from the high winds.
  • Be sure to have a communication plan with your family and loved ones so you can provide them with updates on your status (for example, social media or texting).
  • Have extra water and non-perishable food on hand in case you are unable to leave your residence hall or apartment for an extended period of time.
  • Keep a flashlight and extra batteries available. Candles are not recommended due to a fire hazard.
  • Prior to the storm, obtain prescription medications that may be needed.
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