Congrats to those graduating!


Class of 2018

Congrats to all of our graduating student workers as well as to the class of 2018. Best of luck in your future plans, whatever they may be and no matter where they take you!

Our graduates from Spring 2018 Semester are:
Jamila Toussaint
DeVondrel Banks
Delton Barnes
Megan Dempsey
Destiny Kelley
Levi Lyman-Barner
Joseph Sklar
Jamie McDowell
John Farmer
Zoie Hashim
Sumar Deen
Sofia Economou

And our Graduates at the end of Fall 2017 Semester were:
Lucas Carver
Maureen Sheeran

Stop by the law library today and tomorrow to check out a photo slideshow of law students submitted by the Class of 2018.

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