Reminder: UGA Inclement Weather Policy

As it was snowing earlier today on UGA’s campus (however briefly), it never hurts to refresh yourself with UGA’s inclement weather operations policy periodically. You never know when the weather could take a turn for extreme temperatures or other irregular conditions:

t-32481-008During periods of inclement winter weather, UGA follows a set procedure for announcing operational changes. By policy, the university makes one of three announcements:
  1.  UGA is open and operating on a regular schedule
  2.  UGA is closed
  3.  UGA will delay opening until a specific time
An all-campus email through ArchNews is the primary means to distribute such announcements. The announcement also is posted to the UGA home page (
Announcements will also be posted to Twitter (@universityofga and @UGAEVENTS) and Facebook ( and
Up-to-date information is also provided to Athens radio stations.  Atlanta TV and radio stations that have requested to receive UGA weather announcements also are notified.
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