Banned Books Week 2017: Titles from the Collection

As a follow up to our first blog post for Banned Books Week, Acquisitions Law Librarian Wendy Moore has shared a list of book titles from our collection which relate to freedom of expression and access to information. For more about each book, click on the title to view in our online catalog:

  1. 120 banned books: censorship histories of world literature Z658.U5 K35 2005
  2. Democracy, expertise, and academic freedom: a First Amendment jurisprudence for the modern state  KF4772 .P67 2012
  3. The First Amendment bubble: how privacy and paparazzi threaten a free press KF4774 .G35 2015
  4. Free speech beyond words: the surprising reach of the first amendment K3254 .T87 2017
  5. Let the students speak!: a history of the fight for free expression in American schools KF4772 .H83 2011  
  6. Congress shall make no law: the First Amendment, unprotected expression, and the Supreme Court KF4772 .O27 2010 
  7. Dirty words & filthy pictures: film and the First Amendment PN1995.62 .G45 2015
  8. Freedom of speech: mightier than the sword KF4772 .S53 2015
  9. Managed speech: the Roberts court’s First Amendment KF8742 .M24 2017 
  10. Students’ right to speak: the First Amendment in public schools KF4772 .S25 2016
  11. Media freedom as a fundamental right K3255 .O88 2015 
  12. The fight over digital rights: the politics of copyright and technology KF3024.E44 H47 2013
  13. After Snowden: privacy, secrecy, and security in the information age JK468.S4 A67 2015  
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