Favorites from Fiction #5

Our next installment in this ongoing series of Favorites from Fiction comes from our newest hire at the law library, administrative coordinator Keven Gilbert:

Jack McCoy from Law & Order


Jack McCoy

“I was just obsessed with the original Law & Order in my twenties and I’m sure I’ve seen every episode. Some cable channel would play a couple of back to back episodes every day when I got home from work.  The show seemed to depict New York as a scary place where anything could happen. McCoy was a bit ruthless and a rule bender, and at times it seemed like it was necessary to achieve justice; at least he would contend. He was entertaining to watch and it made me interested in law and the judicial system. Also, McCoy wouldn’t always “get his man,” which was also entertaining to watch.”

You can check out ALL seasons of Law & Order, including season one, from the law library media display collection.


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