Favorites from Fiction #4


The fourth installment in our Favorites from Fiction series comes to you from Information Technology Law Librarian Jason Tubinis. Jason’s choice stands out as being our only fictional lawyer from a video game, check it out:

Phoenix Wright (Ryuichi Naruhodo) from Ace Attorney

“My favorite fictional lawyer is Phoenix Wright, star of the Ace Attorney video game series (aka, Ryuichi Naruhodo, star of the Gyakuten Saiban video game series). Wright begins the series as a passionate (and more than a little naïve) defense attorney, desperately poring over evidence and testimony, looking for incongruities to prove the innocence of his clients. He eventually becomes an accomplished lawyer, but not without more than a handful of setbacks at the hands of childhood-friend-turned chief prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, or the coffee-loving attorney, Godot.

The games are packed to the gills with dumb puns and even dumber scenarios. I mean, it’s a Japanese video game series, so it accurately reflects the practice of law as well as Indiana Jones faithfully depicts the study of archaeology. So while a trial technique instructor might think calling a bird to the witness stand is complete nonsense, one of the cases revolves the testimony of one Polly the parrot.

There’s like 2 dozen games in the series now, and there was an animated adaptation a year or so ago.”

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