Favorites from Fiction #1

This new series will feature librarians and library staff sharing their favorite fictional lawyers from television, films or novels. Our first round of favorites highlights four television show lawyers from Acquisitions Law Librarian Wendy Moore, International Law Librarian Anne Burnett, and Law Library Director Carol Watson as well as a classic literary figure from Special Collections Librarian Sharon Bradley.


perry mason

Perry Mason

“I discovered “Perry Mason” on cable TV reruns when I was in high school. Perry Mason is a criminal defense attorney who always wins his cases and his clients are always innocent. Based on novels by Erle Stanley Gardner, the classic television show ran from 1957-1966 starring Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale and William Hopper.” – Wendy Moore




Horace Rumpole

Horace Rumpole, from the “Rumpole of the Bailey” TV series and short stories. He is an elderly, somewhat disheveled London barrister who often represents underdogs in the Old Bailey. A staunch believer in “innocent until proven guilty,” Rumpole is a fierce advocate who smokes cheap cigars, drinks “plonk” and doesn’t always win his cases.”  – Anne Burnett




John Stone

“Recently my favorite has been John Stone, the washed up defense lawyer with itchy feet in “The Night Of.” I also have a love/hate relationship with Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti), the morally questionable DA in “Billions.” ” – Carol Watson





“Portia from Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice“. She had to disguise herself as a man to speak in court. Many of the early efforts to admit women to practice law were referred to as Portia laws or bills. Sadly while she makes a famous speech about the quality of mercy she actually shows no mercy to the defeated Shylock.” – Sharon Bradley



Stay tuned to the library’s blog Library with a View for future installments in our Favorites from Fiction series throughout the semester.

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