Summer Construction Continues: Alternate Walking Routes to the Law Library


With multiple construction projects underway this summer you may have noticed it is not only difficult to get through the library, but also increasingly tough to navigate a path to the library, particularly the annex. If you normally park off of Lumpkin Street and walk to the law library annex or law school by way of Bocock Street, it is an understatement to say getting to your destination is now challenging. Since construction will continue for at least another week blocking the area between the Bocock Street parking lot and Herty Drive, we thought we would share the following map of alternate walking routes:rdb36043

1. Around Candler: Crossing Lumpkin Street and following the sidewalk toward downtown, there is a sidewalk accessible near Candler. Follow that sidewalk to Herty Field by crossing in front of Moore. This is a lovely view of Herty Field and there are always wonderful flowers to view and smell at this end of the field. TIMG_4451hen take sidewalks lining Herty Drive until you see the law library’s picture windows in front of you. Turn left onto the sidewalk that will take you around the law library, and right onto the sidewalk which puts you at the law library entrance.

2. Beside Gilbert: At first glance it may appeaIMG_9662r that you cannot walk by Gilbert Hall at all, but if you take the stairs up to Gilbert’s entrance and you are feeling adventurous, you can walk the small path behind the trees alongside Gilbert. Beware the sprinkler hose underfoot, and possibly campus cats who are the original purveyors of this path. This path puts you out on a sidewalk leading to steps that walk up to a gorgeous view of Herty Field’s fountain. Walk around the fountain, cross IMG_9660Herty Drive, and take the sidewalk to the left of the law library picture windows. Then take a right onto the sidewalk which puts you at the law library entrance. If you try this route as you leave the library, there is a “sidewalk closed” sign – disregard; just be sure you stay behind the yellow caution tape.

3. Between Denmark & Caldwell: After crossing LumpIMG_9654kin Street, take the sidewalk on either side of Bocock street, and cross the street to access the sidewalk that passes in front of Denmark Hall. Denmark will be on your right, and a nice statue on your left. This sidewalk winds around Denmark and through a covered area between Denmark and Caldwell. Take a left onto the next sidewalk and follow it up an incline between Caldwell IMG_9655and Brooks until you reach Herty Drive with the law school in front of you. Enter the law school through the doors into the McManning Cafe area on the first floor. Once inside, if the law library is your destination, you will need to take interior stairs to the 2nd floor where the library entrance is.

IMG_96574. Through the Garden: Possibly the most scenic route to take is to walk from Lumpkin Street’s sidewalk through the Founder’s Memorial Garden, then to take the sidewalk between Denmark/Caldwell and Brooks and enter the law school’s first floor. This route in beautiful, but perhaps the longest walking time and has the most incline. It may be more ideal if you are leaving the library IMG_9645rather than approaching it so you walk downhill instead of up. Once inside, go to the 2nd floor of the law school and into the law library.

There are many other variation of these walking paths. Get creative! Take one route into the library, and different route out of the library. Try walking between the law school and Dean Rusk Hall after taking the sidewalk between Denmark/Caldwell and Brooks. The possibilities are endless, and unfortunately necessary until construction projects are completed and the road and sidewalks between Bocock and Herty Drive (and the 1st floor annex door) open up once again.

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