Summer Dreaming: 6 Scenic Spots on Campus

We are extremely lucky at our law library that UGA’s campus is so lovely and well-maintained. It is difficult to walk in any direction to or from the law library without noticing the scenic spots. Below is a list of some of our staff and librarians’ favorite places on campus. We invite you to take a moment sometime this summer, whether on your walk into work or on a much needed break from studying for the Bar Exam, to check out a few of these if you haven’t already:

t-29828-0051The President’s Club Garden

I love walking the little gravel path through the President’s Garden on the way to & from the library.” – Leslie Grove, Web Developer

Created in 1973 to honor the generosity of donors to the University of Georgia. More than 2000 plaques installed on the brick walls in the garden represent gifts bestowed to the institution. One of the most beautiful spots on North Campus, you can’t miss it if you approach the law library or law school from downtown or Jackson Street. This small garden includes benches, a gravel pathway, and a lovely little sundial.

t-33229-007Herty Field

“It’s hard to pick just one spot… but I love the fountain at herty field.” -Marie Mize, Circulation Manager.

Opened in the Fall of 1891, the field hosted the first University of Georgia home football game against Mercer University on January 30, 1892. Later used as a parking lot, the field was converted to a greenspace 1999. The public plaza sports a large green lawn and a surging fountain. Visible from the law library reading room, for the past several years the field has hosted the law school’s annual homecoming BBQ event each fall. Gravel pathways surround the perimeter of the field, as well as shaded benches and lovely seasonal flowers. A large fountain is positioned at the far end of the field beside the law lbrary annex. This spot is an even closer walk from the law library than the President’s Club Garden if you prefer studying in the annex, or if your office is in the annex building.

t-31275-031The Founders’ Memorial Garden

The Founders Garden is peaceful and lovely and a great place to find inspiration for home gardens as well.” – Anne Burnett, International Law Librarian.

In 1936, the Garden Club of Georgia began a fund to create a living memorial to the twelve founders of the Ladies’ Garden Club of Athens, the first garden club in America, organized in 1891. This garden not only serves as a museum of landscape design, but as a natural laboratory for botany, forestry, and related disciplines. The layout of the two and one-half acre series of gardens, the grounds of the former Headquarters House, consists of a formal boxwood garden, two courtyards, a retrace, a perennial garden, and an arboretum. After the establishment of the Founders Garden it was only a matter of time before the garden club acquired the old smokehouse for a living museum to the twelve original garden club ladies.

Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden.The Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden

“The Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden is nice!” – Wendy Moore, Acquisitions Law Librarian

Managed by the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI) since it’s opening in October of 1998, the Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden (LAEG) is a unique green space behind Baldwin Hall on UGA’s north campus. The Garden was started as an interdisciplinary initiative. The Garden emphasizes the field of ethnobotany—the study of the relationship that exists between people and plants—through a variety of related disciplines such as anthropology, botany, conservation biology, ecology, geography, horticulture, and pharmacology. In addition to serving as a living laboratory for UGA faculty and students, public use of the Garden is also encouraged.


The Turtle Pond at Odom School of Ecology

“This place surprised me the first time I visited; It is really unassuming as you approach the pond, but once you are at the pond’s edge turtles emerge and follow you as you walk around it!” – Rachel Evans, Web Coordinator

Just outside the Warnell Forestry building and the Ecology building is Warnell Gardens, complete with a stone walkway and a turtle pond. Even on hot days this spot can be relaxing because of the sound of the water, and the trees which keep the area shady and cool. It is the furthest spot on our list from the law school and library, but it is definitely worth the walk if you have the time. From the front of the law school it will take about 20 minutes to raech the turtle pond. The location caters to animal lovers because the closer you step to the edge of the pond, the more turtles come to the surface.

t-32807-003The Trial Gardens

“One of my favorite spots is the trial gardens behind the Pharmacy Building.” – Carol Watson, Law Library Director

Started in 1982, plants or seeds are trialed there from almost all the plant breeding companies in the world, along with material from perennial plant nurseries, individual growers and gardeners, as well as material from Dr. Ruter’s breeding program. The primary functions of the garden have always been research, teaching, and new crop introduction and that continues today. The garden is open to the public and professionals alike and detailed information on the plants trialed there is available to all who are interested by visiting Garden Trials.

All photographs courtesy of UGA Photographic Services. Special thanks to library folks Anne Burnett, Carol Watson, Wendy Moore, Marie Mize and Leslie Grove for contributing to this list of favorite spots on campus!

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