Summer Movie Night

While summer time is often thought of as a care free time full of soaking up the sun at the beach, we at the law school know it as a 24 hour study session for the Bar Exam. Any available moment is spent cramming as much info before maybe one of the most important exams in a young lawyers life. No pressure!

We are so glad The UGA Law Library has become a hub for those studying for the Bar Exam but we also believe summer calls for a break from study guides, even if just for a few hours. Along with anything you may need to prepare for the Bar Exam we also have a great DVD section full of movies, TV shows and documentaries to help you kick back and relax with a big tub of microwavable popcorn. With a vast variety to choose from below I have picked a few of my favorites to watch during the humid Georgia summer.


Cape Fear (1962)

Known for playing the most beloved fictional lawyer, Gregory Peck returns with another role in the same profession but with much scarier consequences. Don’t expect an uplifting tale here. Peck plays a lawyer stuck in a cat and mouse game with a convict (played by Robert Mitchum) who will stop at nothing to seek his revenge. Watch alone at your own peril.


The Apartment(1960)

This is Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine at their best. Lemmon plays an office plebe who hopes to move up the ranks by allowing his supervisors to use his apartment for their extramarital liaisons. I know, trust me it gets more interesting and hilarious. This is a rom-com that won’t make your eyes roll to the back of your head.


Erin Brockovich (2000)

I feel like EVERYONE has seen this movie so there’s no real need to explain it. And even after re-watching several times I still think this is a great “pick-me-up” movie. Nothing makes me feel better than watching Julia Roberts reign supreme.


The Godfather series

You think your family has problems? They have nothing on the Corleone family. Before Game of Thrones, before The Sopranos, there was The Godfather which took family drama and Italian pastries to a whole new level. Also nothing beats Marlon Brando choking down cotton balls while waxing poetic about the being “respected.” Don’t forget the cannoli.


These and many more are available at the UGA Law Library.

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