Library Projects are Underway; Annex is Your Respite

For those who have not stopped by the library in person in the past few weeks, the big projects we reported on in an earlier blog post are now in full swing. Here is a small photo update of the progress so far.


It is difficult to tell from the first two photos, but those huge picturesque windows of ours have just received a thorough cleaning and are crystal clear now! Also, take notice of the illuminated light canisters across the reading room ceiling.

20170623_120046 IMG_9008

Most of the reading room tables are shoved closely together towards the front of the reading room for now, and the sections of shelves where many many withdrawals were taken from are all now removed making way for our new cafe-style seating.


We will keep you updated as the summer continues, but for now the best locations in the law library remain the annex which is still free from noise and construction materials.


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