Try these Stress Busters!


You are almost there! You can practically taste summer but before you can put your feet up and start working on your tan all you have to do is take your finals. No biggie. Whether you’ve been studying steadily all semester or you’re a chronic procrastinator, finals are a stressful time for everyone.

Lucky for you along with all of the wonderful Stress Busters at your disposal at the Georgia Law Library, I’ve decided to round up some of my favorite GIFs and videos for a relaxing break between study sessions.

Here is a satisfying video of chocolate masterpieces being made

Here’s another video of cake frosting, because you can never watch too many

For those who need motivation to write papers, check out  Written Kitten. It’s a website that rewards you with a new photo of a cute kitten for each 100 words you write.

There’s the classic Virtual Bubble Wrap

And if all else fails there’s this video of a corgi belly flop

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