Congrats to our Graduating Circulation & Research Assistants

The Law Library would like to congratulate our graduating student workers.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate you.  Without you the Alexander Campbell King Law Library would be unable to provide excellent service to the law school community.  We are grateful for your hard work and your inspiration.  It has been a honor to work with you. We wish you success, joy, and happiness in the future:

1. Marcus Griffin
2. Emily Cox
3. Alec Manser
4. Calvin Webb
5. Danielle Burnette
6. Tayah Woodard
7. Carson Masters
8. Brittni Lucas
9. Lindsay Peterson

In anticipation of graduation our research assistants answered a few questions and reveal some advice for 1Ls as well as plans for their future:

As a graduating law student, what would you tell an incoming 1L about UGA Law? “As a graduating law student I would tell an incoming 1L not to underestimate the great friendships he or she can make at UGA Law. The best thing about this school is the level of camaraderie its students (and faculty) have, and they should be sure to take full advantage of it. There’s more to law school than studying.” – John K. Tomes

As a graduating law student, what would you tell an incoming 1L about UGA Law?“Take the time to appreciate what you have here. Like a lot of law students, you’re getting a top-notch legal education, but at Georgia you’re also getting something else. You are being welcomed into a real community here, full of people who want you to succeed, people who will treat you like a colleague, not an adversary. I have heard some real horror stories from my friends who went to other law schools–stories about cut-throat students and demanding, unfeeling faculty–and I could not be more glad (and proud) about how dissimilar those experiences have been from my own. At UGA Law, the students are collegial, and the faculty and staff are nurturing and dedicated to our success. Through all the stress and chaos of your time here, make sure you keep reminding yourself to be grateful for this. And when opportunities arise for you to contribute to the community, do so. Keep the spirit of UGA alive.” – Kate Ekstrand

What’s next for you? Are you excited? What would you tell an incoming 1L about UGA Law? “Following graduation my wife, three children, and I will head to Alaska to enjoy a “well deserved break” while I clerk.  Besides working standard government hours, I plan on fishing, hiking, and otherwise enjoying the outdoors with my family.  Many valuable resources are available at the library, but I have found that the best resources are the people working in the library.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” – Kaden Canfield

Share a special memory about your time here at UGA Law? What is the best resource available for check out or use at the library? What’s next for you? Are you excited? Any advice for an incoming 1L? “This may be underwhelming, but one my favorite moments of the day is walking into the ground floor of the law school past the mural quote by Carl Sanders that no student should have to leave the state of Georgia to obtain a quality legal education. Three years after first reading that quote, I think it rings true. I’ve found the law library’s alphabetical list of research resources and databases ( to be most helpful in tracking down information or tackling legal questions.

After taking the bar this summer, I’ll be joining the intellectual property firm of Meunier Carlin and Curfman in Atlanta. Although I’m excited to put my science-background and legal education to the test, I’m more excited for my post-bar/pre-work adventures that include road tripping from Georgia to California and traveling solo to Ireland.

Have fun and work hard. It’s easy to get caught up in the law school grade contest, but law school is more than that. Take the time to build relationships with your classmates and faculty.  Also try to keep an open mind and absorb information with the idea of using the experiences you acquire during your three years at UGA Law to serve others in the future.” – Ashley Nicole Klein

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