Find Reg Histories in ProQuest Regulatory Insight

ProQuest Regulatory Insight offers U.S. federal administrative law histories organized by federal statute and Executive Order. It contains compilations of Federal Register notices, proposed rules, and rules representing the complete rulemaking process associated with specific Public Laws. Precise filtering options and “search within” functionality allow you to customize each history to meet your research needs. You can also search by: Federal Register (FR) or Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) citation, Public Law Number, Statutes at Large Citation, US Code Citation, Regulation Identifier Number (RIN) and Agency Docket Number.

Currently ProQuest Regulatory Insight covers:
  • ProQuest Regulatory Histories for Public Laws enacted from 1975-2016
  • Federal Register documents for 1973-present
  • Code of Federal Regulations from 1989-current
When complete at the end of 2017, ProQuest Regulatory Insight will contain regulatory histories covering 1936-2016.  Prospective (2017 and future) public laws will be added as they are enacted.
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