A Favorable Decision of Judge Analytics

By Suzanne Graham

Investigating for judicial clerkships or preparing for a networking opportunity? Ravel Law’s Judge Analytics provides insight into a particular judge’s history of cases, trends in decision-writing, and procedural preferences.

Just type a judge’s name into the search box. This resource analyzes specific language and citations used in court decisions to offer more than a static history of cases. Results under the “Analytics” tab show a timeline of number of opinions, a list of frequently cited cases used by the judge, and references to most-cited judicial colleagues to help deepen your understanding of his or her patterns and influences.

In addition to the US Supreme Court and all federal Circuit Courts, the tool contains the Georgia Supreme Court and Georgia Court of Appeals judges.

To access upgraded features, set up your account from one of our library computers using your UGA email address. For more details, check out the short promotional video.

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