Why Take Advanced Legal Research?

books-and-glassesAccording to a recent ABA survey, lawyers with less than 10 years of experience spend nearly a third of their time conducting legal research. Becoming an expert legal researcher is one way to become a superstar in today’s competitive legal market. This spring, law librarians will teach two sections of Advanced Legal Research (JURI 4085) as well as Business Law Research (JURI 4087). Join us if you’d like to take your research skills to the next level, but don’t just take our word for it…

“Taking ALR prior to the summer between my second and third year of law school provided me with the skills and confidence to navigate complex legal research questions that were handed to me from assigning attorneys at my summer placement. Without having the foundation that this course provides, I would not have been able to complete assignments as efficiently or comprehensively.”

  • Ashley Klein, 3L
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