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By Wendy Moore govinfopromo2

Launched earlier this year, govinfo provides free online public access to more than a million official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government.  Through govinfo, you can use browse and advanced search capabilities to locate and download documents.  This mobile-friendly website makes it easy to share pages and content.  When viewing “Content Details” pages for a document, some selections feature a “Related Documents” tab that makes it easier to discover and link to additional documents on your topic.  The site is still being developed, so new content and backfiles of documents are being loaded frequently.

A service of the United States Government Publishing Office (GPO), govinfo includes a content management system and a standards-compliant preservation repository.  GPO uses digital signature technology to add a visible Seal of Authenticity to these authenticated and certified PDF documents, which makes govinfo the best place to get official federal publications.

For example, you can find federal court opinions elsewhere freely on the Internet, but the opinions found in govinfo’s United States Courts Opinions (USCOURTS) collection have been provided by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and authenticated by GPO.  This collection of opinions from selected United States appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts goes back to April 2004. Once an opinion is located, all associated opinions within the same case can be accessed from the opinion “Content Details” page.  So, don’t just Google the case you need, go to govinfo and make certain it is official!

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