Happy Halloween Legal Research Contest


Happy Halloween from the Alexander Campbell King Law Library! Enter our legal research contest for a chance to win a treat.

  • Find the name of the person who sued Satan for misery, unwarranted threats, and for placing deliberate obstacles in the plaintiff’s path which caused his/her downfall. Name the state where this case originated.
  • Find the Louisiana case where a customer sued a corn maze owner after sustaining injury while running from “Jason” (of Friday the 13th fame) and his chainsaw.  Please provide the case citation. What was the court’s holding?
  • Find the citation for the case involving a couple who claimed their First Amendment rights were violated after being asked to remove tombstones from their yard that listed their neighbor’s names as the deceased parties.

Email your answers to epaige@uga.edu  by midnight on October 31st to enter our prize raffle. Good luck!

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