Best Pokémon Go Spots in the Law Library

By Jason Tubinis

If you’re a fan of augment-reality game Pokémon Go, you’ve probably realized the University of Georgia (and Athens in general) is a pretty great place to play the game: lots of places to gather Poké Balls, frequent appearances by the bizarre little creatures, and an active gym scene (go Team Instinct!). The Law Library is no exception, so here’s a quick guide to some of the best places to catch ‘em all.
A quick disclaimer: for some reason, the PokéStop by the entrance of the library is displayed as the “University of Georgia Law Library Annex”, while the Stop closer to annex shows up as the “University of Georgia Law Library”  ¯\_()_/¯ 

The Law Library Entrance: Plenty of new, comfortable seating and well within range of the Annex PokéStop. If you just need a quick break between classes, this is a great place catch up with friends as they wander in and out of the library (and snag a few digital critters in the meantime).

Sentell Bust Area:
A little further in the library, the next spot is just before you enter the bridge for the Annex. Relax in some of the plusher furniture available in the law library while you get a jump on your weekly reading, admire the changing foliage through the reading room window (and possibly spot Law Hawk!) , and reap the benefits between the Annex and Law Library PokéStop.
First Floor Annex:
Probably the best Pokémon spot/study area in the library is on the bottom floor of the Annex, closest to the far wall/fountain. Complete with a standing desk and plush seating, you’re right next to the UGA Fountain PokéStop, which sees frequent lures and lots of water-type Pokémon (which can be tricky to find here). And you’re still within range of the Law Library stop to boot! Of course, the first floor of the Annex is for serious, quiet studying, so make sure your phone is silenced and try to keep your Poké Ball flinging as discreet as possible.
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