Summer Access to Library Resources

By Sharon Bradley


  • All law students have full access to Bloomberg Law over the summer.
  • Bloomberg Law does not have any use restrictions, so you are not only allowed to use Bloomberg Law during your summer employment, but are encouraged to do so.
  • Additionally, for the 3Ls who will be graduating and studying for the bar, you have access to your Bloomberg Law accounts for an additional 6 months after graduation.

Email Tara Jackson at with any questions.


  • Your Lexis ID will automatically extend for the summer.
  • You don’t need to do anything to have access over the summer months.
  • You are welcome to use your Lexis IDs for school research, intern or externships or at firms (including paid positions.)
  • Graduating 3Ls will have access until after the bar.  They also have the option to extend for 6 months afterwards.
  • 3L Lexis Points expire on July 1st

Email Mark Thompson at with any questions.


For Returning  Students (Rising 2& 3Ls and any returning students)
  • You will need to extend your password for usage in June and July. All passwords are “normal” until May 31st and all goes back to “normal” on August 1.
  • You will be getting an email and there will be a banner on the home page about Summer Access.
  • You can view the Summer Extension form with the information about reasons to extend – summer classes, law review/journal, research assistant, internship/externship for credit-all are reasons to extend. Keep in mind that you can extend at any time during the summer.
  • The biggest difference between Westlaw and other vendors-if you are working at a law firm, you will need to get a Westlaw password for that firm.
For Graduating Students (Graduating in May 2016)
  • You will need to extend your passwords if you want to use Westlaw after May 31st. All May graduates have full access until May 31st
  • Once you have extended, you will get 60 hours of usage each month until November 2016. Once you exhaust your 60 hours in the month of June, your access will be denied until July 1 when you receive 60 hours for use during the month of July.
  • Although you can extend at any time, usage will stop in November 2016. So for example if you extend in October, you will get 60 hours in October and 60 hours in November.
  • You will get an email and there will be a banner on home page (only graduates will see the graduate banner). Direct link for the extension.

Email Sue Moore at with any questions.

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