Just in Time for Exam Preparation—Extended Library Hours

By Maureen Cahill

The law library will begin extended hours for Friday and Saturday nights on Friday, April 22. From that day until the end of exams, the library will be open from 7am until 2am M – F and from 8am until 2am Sat and Sun. For all library hours, visit http://www.law.uga.edu/library-hours-operation.

And, Useful Study Resources

The law library provides access to two extensive collections that may help improve your readiness for exams—West Study Aids Hornbook and Nutshell Suite and CALI.

The West study aids can be accessed from the entry page to Westlaw in the Featured Content for Students—the picture is a link into the product. You will have to set up an account the first time you visit the site; but you can use the same user name and password you use for other Westlaw content. The site features hornbooks and other concise explanations of virtually every legal topic. There are even e-flash cards for Torts and Contracts.

CALI (computer assisted legal instruction) hosts hundreds of interactive lessons on more than thirty legal topics, including all first year subjects. Come to either the circulation or reference desk to pick up a card with the web address and UGA authorization code.

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