Golf, law, and the 2016 Masters Tournament

The beautiful golf course at the Masters TournamentThe game of golf is loved by many, tolerated by others, and affirmatively disliked by the rest. – John Minan

Round 1 of  the 80th Masters Tournament is under way today in Augusta. We know this from the sudden appearance of Titleist hats and the enthusiastic chatter floating above the crowd in line for coffee down at the café. For our Georgia Law golfers posing as law students, faculty, and staff this week, we’ve assembled a few resources to help you enjoy the tournament.

On display at the Circulation Desk are a couple of items you ought to check out if you’re passing through. We have Golf and the Law by Thomas Sawyer, and Jack Minan’s Little Book of Golf Law, a very readable and often outright funny survey of selected case law related to the game.

Writing in the ABA’s Business Law Today, Minan, revealing his characteristic humor, explains why the “rules of golf” have a tendency to intersect with the “rules of law” in his article “Golf and the Law.”

Golfers often describe the flight of the golf ball based on its trajectory. For a right-handed player, a ball that curves to the left is called a hook. One that curves to the right is a slice. For left-handed players, the hook-slice description is just the reverse: left is a slice and right is a hook. If the ball goes straight or where it is supposed to go, most golfers call it a miracle. When miracles don’t occur, another player is at risk of getting hit.

And it’s not just the other players who are at risk for mishaps and altercations. “The Intersection of Golf and the Law,” by Bill Pennington, first ran in the New York Times a couple of years back, but his advice about the legal hazards lurking on the greens is still fresh, relevant, and also unavoidably funny.

But back to Augusta, where so much attention will be focused, this week:

UGA alum Bubba Watson is back, and he isn’t the only Georgia Dawg playing in this tournament. Learn about the five golfers with ties to UGA playing this week.

If you’re headed to Augusta to watch, here’s a map of the 2016 course and parking.

If you’re getting technical, here’s the chart of hole locations (as of this post, for Round 1).

The official Masters Tournament site is streaming the event live, of course.

CBS Sports also offers live streaming, live blogging, scores, expert picks, a unique hole-by-hole flyover, and more: Go direct to the live streaming and video highlights:

USA Today offers the 2016 Masters Guide with featured groups, tee-times, and TV viewing schedule.

If your work or study schedule prohibits full-time engagement with a big or small screen, you can follow the action discretely on Twitter via @TheMasters or #TheMasters

Best wishes for a great tournament week, and to all those UGA grads playing this week, Go Dawgs!


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