Transactional Resources on Bloomberg, Lexis and Westlaw

buslawethics1Each of the three major legal databases has a wealth of valuable material for the transactional attorney, including forms, drafting guides, practice notes, checklists and timelines, sample agreements and clauses.

On Bloomberg, this material is accessed through the Transactional Law tab at the top of the entry page.

Lexis calls its offerings Practice Advisor. In LexisAdvance, select the Research tab in the top left corner. The drop down menu includes Practice Advisor near the bottom of the list. Another tab at the top of the Practice Advisor front page offers a choice of practice areas.

Two of the choices in the third column of resource types listed on the start page of Westlaw Next offer transactional resources. The Business Law Center focuses on Securities and Exchange Commission filings, forms and news. Practical Law offers the full range of transactional materials for a variety of practice areas.

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