50th Anniversary of Medicare

LyndonJohnsonSigningMedicareBillJuly 30, 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the Medicare Act, a federally funded insurance program to provide low-cost medical and hospital care for America’s elderly.  Today over 55 million seniors, people with disabilities and low-income individuals are covered by Medicare. Here’s a short introductory list of electronic resources related to the act:

The official legislative history of the Medicare Act,  http://gavel.law.uga.edu/record=b176350

The official Medicare handbook, https://www.medicare.gov/pubs/pdf/10050.pdf

Johnson Presidential Campaign commercial (Medicare ad 1964)

Time Magazine April 16, 1965 report entitled “The New Welfare State” detailing the passage of the Medicare Act.

LBJ Presidential Library, Medicare and Medicaid Fact Sheet, http://www.lbjlibrary.org/assets/uploads/lbj/Medicare/LBJLibrary_Medicare_Factsheet.pdf

Government task force to curb Medicare fraud, https://www.stopmedicarefraud.gov/

From our eBook collection, The politics of policy change: welfare, Medicare, and social security reform in the United States, http://gavel.law.uga.edu/record=b1882937

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