That’s a wrap: U.S. Supreme Court October Term 2014

Judges of the U.S. Supreme CourtThe U.S. Supreme Court issued its last three opinions on argued cases from OT14, this morning.

Glossip v. Gross (the challenge to Oklahoma’s lethal injection procedure): The Court decided that Oklahoma’s use of the sedative midazolam as part of its lethal injection protocol does not violate the Eighth Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Analysis from the New York Times.

Michigan v. EPA (consideration of costs in enforcing the Clean Air Act): The Court decided that the EPA, in the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards rule, failed to consider the costs of pollution controls. Analysis from The Washington Post.

Arizona Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (whether Arizona voters can transfer power over federal congressional districting to an independent commission): The Court decided that the state of Arizona may use a commission to draw congressional districts. Analysis from

Today’s and all the opinions from this term are posted at the Court’s website. Audio from today’s opinions will be loaded in a few weeks.

Reuters News has a visual wrap-up of the major cases decided this term and here is the official “Granted and Noted” list for October Term 2014, updated as of today.

Looking ahead to October Term 2015, five more cases were granted review today – here’s today’s list of orders – and the Court will issue the final orders of the current term tomorrow morning. Here’s the Court’s official “Granted and Noted” list, so far (check it again after tomorrow’s orders).

As of today, the Court is officially in recess until the first Monday in October at 10 o’clock.

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