Legal Tech Sessions Continue with Word

In case you missed our previous blog posts about the Legal Tech sessions the library is offering this semester, you are not too late! The series offers six opportunities in total and continues this month on February 10th, this time with a focus on Microsoft Word. As with the previous two sessions, it will cover the skills needed to become more efficient with the program by allowing attendees to feel more comfortable navigating the software, building confidence with the its interface, terminology and tools, and providing context for its use in the legal profession.

Several functions of Word offer benefits to lawyers who may find that using the program correctly can save both time and effort, as well as improve their document presentation. Many legal documents contain small superscript numbers and letters, footnotes and endnotes with citations, references and in-text asides. Knowing how to use all of Word’s many advantages can allow easier and faster creation of this necessary documentation. Many tasks like this can be quickly automated, for example footnotes using the “Insert Footnote” button to add a numerical superscript to the text as well as a section at the bottom of the page to include related details. Another benefit of using Word for notes is that the program can automatically renumber them for you when you add or remove them from the document.

There are many practical skills you can expect to take away from this session, including creating and using styles and creating a table of contents. Please join IT Librarian Jason Tubinis and Web Coordinator Rachel Evans this week in Classroom B at 11:30 a.m. and as they explore the world of Word. If you are unable to attend, there will be a second chance to do so later this semester when the series repeats itself. We will also make recordings of completed sessions available online for those who wish to revisit them later. For more information on this series including dates for each upcoming session, visit the library programs page, and mark your calendars!

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