Fiscal Year 2016 Budget of the Federal Government

The Federal Budget and Accounting Act of 1921 stipulated that each year, the President of the United States must submit his budget request for the following fiscal year to Congress, “on or after the first Monday in January but not later than the first Monday in February of each year.” The proposed FY2016 Budget was released yesterday. Explore and learn more with the resources below.

FY2016 Proposed Federal Budget

The FY2016 Interactive Budget

The FY2016 Budget

Web-based version of the budget is available at the website of the Office of Management and Budget, along with information for agencies, statements, press releases and other related public documents.

PDF version of the budget is available from the Government Printing Office.

FY2016 Interactive Budget: From the Office of Management and Budget. Explore where your tax dollars would go and to see what percentage of the Federal budget is dedicated to different program areas under President Obama’s proposed budget for 2016.

5 New Things About the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget from the White House Blog, February 2, 2015.

Remarks by the President on the FY2016 Budget: Press Release, February 2, 2015.


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