Tax Twitter Feeds!

It’s tax season. Because we know how much you love tax season (don’t we all?) and that you can’t get enough tax news, tax updates, tax analysis and tax tips, we offer you The 100 Must-Follow Tax Twitter Feeds from Forbes Magazine blogger, Kelly Philips Erb.

Twitter iconEven at 140 characters or less, Twitter happens to be an efficient way to get information quickly. Lots of it. In fact, it can be a little overwhelming, but as this blogger points out, the key is following the right mix of folks. It helps to start with a list like this. Fortunately, this one is categorized so you can jump right to the one that’s most useful for you. There are Think Tanks, Tax Gurus, Tax Geeks, Tax Reformers, Tax Software Vendors, Tax Service Vendors, and an entire “Alphabet Soup” of CPAs, EAs, JDs, LLMs, etc. Enjoy!

Photo from Flickr used under Creative Commons license from user 401(K) 2012

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