It’s Super Bowl weekend, so…Football & Law! (and Buffalo wings)

ChanSuperbowl 2015 with team logos-courtesy cvsflags.comces are your plans for this weekend include watching football. Not just any game, of course. This weekend, it’s the game, the Super Bowl, and you’ll have plenty of company. According to Business Insider, last year’s Super Bowl attracted the largest audience in television history, with over 111 million viewers. So make room on the couch. Throw on a few more Buffalo wings. And then sit back for a little legislative football info.

Legislative? But, of course! Football’s been much in the news, lately, and apparently also on many a legislative agenda. Our friends at FiscalNote tell us that state legislatures are in fact debating no less than 176 bills about football, right now.

Care to take a guess what kinds of bills? Following the NFL’s “concussion crisis,” you might guess they’re about safety, or following the NFL’s other, more recent, crisis, you might guess domestic violence. Correct, and correct again. Also: the Washington Redskins franchise name (yes, that issue is still alive), stadiums that need building, and – they’re not all about the NFL – the NCAA, fantasy football (did you know fantasy leagues are a $70 billion market and growing?) and taxes.Most common topics in bills related to football - Fiscal Note blog

We invite you to peruse the remarkable array of legislation on the table. FiscalNote has even included their unique forecast for bill passage probability.

Oh, and don’t forget the wings! Here’s a great Buffalo wing recipe from UGA’s own celebrity chef, Alton Brown (‘04).

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