10 Tech Mistakes that Lawyers Make

Handheld smart phone - illustration for post: 10 Tech Mistakes that Lawyers MakeGreat article from the tech firm, Clio, covering the ten most common tech mistakes lawyers are making. Good advice, generally. Does your firm or department have a BYOD policy? Do you? How often do you back up your data? Is your password still “password?” Really? Do you use encryption? Keeping you and your sensitive information safe is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and the consequences of remaining lax can be severe. Fortunately, a few timely fixes can help make it harder for would-be hackers.

If you’re a law student, the issues and risks apply to you, too. The American Bar Association has noted an increasing focus on technology in legal practice management. Think “practice ready.” Know these common tech mistakes and correct them now – before the interviews, before the internship, and definitely, before that first job – so you can go in focused and secure. It’s not a “once and done” deal. As the hackers get smarter, your tech solutions will have to get smarter, too, but these ten steps are a good place to start.

Photo: Highways Agency/Flickr/Creative Commons License

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