Reading for Fun?


Bryan Garner

Law School exams end today here at the University of Georgia, and we hope our students will enjoy a wonderful break and indulge in much pleasure reading.

Wait. Pleasure reading? What’s that?

If you find yourself highlighting in three colors while reading the latest Pulitzer Prize winner, or even while reading Rolling Stone magazine or the new John Grisham novel, you might want to take a look at a recent ABA Journal piece by Bryan Garner on How to Regain the Joy of Reading.

Garner, president of CLE company LawProse, Inc., an author, and the editor of Black’s Law Dictionary, admonishes lawyers to continue to read nonlegal works and to relish language.  He acknowledges that this might require a conscious effort to s-l-o-w down and read every word. He also suggests listening to recorded books as a way of breaking out of legal reading habits. In addition to the sheer pleasure of good literature, lawyers can benefit professionally by reading nonlegal works. Contributors to his piece suggest that reading good writing will improve lawyers’ legal writing, and even popular fiction can aid lawyers in the storytelling component of the legal profession.

So, ask Santa for some varied literature and an audiobook or two for Christmas, grab a hot cocoa, and regain the joy of reading.*

*If you need help deciding what to read, take a look at the top books of 2014 by the editors of the NYT Book Review.

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