U.S. bank holding companies’ data

“The Federal Reserve Board today annMoneyounced the availability of data that can be used to evaluate the individual systemic footprint of 33 large U.S. bank holding companies.  The data will help to ensure comparability when evaluating the systemic risk profile of each banking organization.

The data cover five categories often used when considering the potential systemic risk of a banking organization: size; interconnectedness; complexity; substitutability, which is a measure of how easily a firm’s activities can be replaced by another firm; and cross-jurisdictional activity, which includes foreign liabilities and claims.

The information will be published annually based on data from the previous calendar year.  To access the data for year-end 2013, search for an individual holding company on the National Information Center website, recall its regulatory reporting forms, and download the Banking Organization Systemic Risk Report (FR Y-15).”

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