New Book: Laws of Robots!

robotLaws of Robots

In 1942 science fiction author Isaac Asimov introduced his famous Three Laws of Robotics. As artificial intelligence and robotics continue to develop in the 21st Century, it is important to look at the legal implications. The new book by author Ugo Pagallo, The Laws of Robots: Crimes, Contracts, and Torts, explores the matters of responsibility and agency for robotics in criminal law, contractual obligations, and torts. The author distinguishes between the behavior of robots as tools of human interaction, and robots as proper agents in the legal arena. Predicting a generation of “hard cases”, he sees courts having to take up such issues as the employment of robot soldiers in battle, contractual accountability of robo-traders, and responsibility of service robots in tort law. Find the book on the Law Library Balcony K487.T4 P345 2013.

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