Westlaw Printers are Gone

This summer, Westlaw removed all of their dedicated student printers from the law schools nationwide. Printing Westlaw documents is still possible using regular law school printers but it is not free.

The Company Rationale

  • Legal practitioners’ workflows no longer rely on printing legal research
  • To reduce the company’s environmental footprint
  • There has been a decreased demand for printing because of increased use of downloads, mobile devices, and WestlawNext folders

Alternatives to Printing

  • Folders – You can create as many as you choose, and they allow you to organize and save documents for as long as you need them. Lexis Advance and Bloomberg Law also have similar folder systems.
  • Download – Instead of printing, choose the download option. Save documents in a variety of formats, including PDF or Word, and store them on your computer, USB drive, cloud service like Dropbox, or mobile device.
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