New Book: Tokyo Rose Case

Tokyo Rose CaseCheck out the new book The Tokyo Rose Case: Treason on Trial by Yasuhide Kawashima from the Law Library Balcony KF224.T63 K39 2013.

American-born Iva Toguri D’Aquino was living with her family in Los Angeles in 1941. She had recently graduated from UCLA and was trying to figure out what her next academic pursuit would be. Her mother’s sister was very ill in Japan, so her parents decided to send her to represent the family. When war was declared on December 8, 1941 she found herself trapped in Japan. Needing to make ends meet, she found employment in Tokyo, including as an announcer on Zero Hour a Radio Tokyo program where she would later become associated with the term “Tokyo Rose.”

Even though it had never been proved that she had an intention to betray her country, rather than following the established guidelines of the law of treason, the charge of treason was used to serve political purposes of the Truman Administration. In the end Toguri D’Aquino served a prison term and paid a fine, Truman was re-elected President, and Attorney General Tom Clark was appointed to the Supreme Court.  This book focuses on the treason case against Toguri D’Aquino and trial.

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