Remember our “Dixie Chick”? We have an update!

Dixie Chick

Dixie Chick on North Campus last Fall

In recent years, Georgia Law has hosted many an important visitor and one or two wild “residents.” Everyone is, by now, familiar with Law Hawk, and habitués of our main reading room undoubtedly remember Dixie Chick, the young black hen who accidentally hitched a ride to campus, last Fall, and lived for nearly a month in our nandinas – long enough to attract a loyal following and her own Twitter page. You can read our post about it here. After evading capture for weeks, Dixie went home with her people in early November.

For those who still miss the little bird, we’re happy report that the hen adjusted well to life back on the farm and has just become the busy mama of nine baby chicks! We’ll see if we can get some pictures.

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