Crime Data Going Online – City of Philadelphia Releases New Search Tool

The City of Philadelphia has joined cities like Baltimore and Chicago in putting its crime data online with the release of its new search tool, this week.  Part of the city’s open data initiative, the database of raw crime data will be updated daily and revised as it goes through the Uniform Crime Reporting process. Crimes being tracked include homicides, rapes, robberies, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts and aggravated assaults. No victim information will be included and Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says additional privacy precautions will be in place for sexual assault cases. The data can be viewed as street, aerial and hybrid maps. The city is also making available a full spreadsheet of major crimes dating back to January 2006 which can be opened with the map viewer or downloaded to ArcGIS for Desktop.

The City of Philadelphia has put its crime data online, shown here in street map view with legend.

The City of Philadelphia is now putting its crime data online. Shown here is an example of data in street map view with legend.

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