“Dixie Chick” heads back to her flock

Dixie Chick

After nearly a month of life in our nandinas, the young black hen known as the Dixie Chick was finally caught by her owner, this afternoon, and will return to the comfort of her home roost just as crowds begin to converge on North Campus for Homecoming Weekend.

The bird has become a familiar sight to Georgia Law students since she “hitched” a ride to work with her owner one rainy morning in early October, her daily antics clearly visible through the floor-to-ceiling glass of the Law Library’s main reading room. In the short month she was with us she had acquired her own Twitter account and a growing cadre of fans who watched her evade the famous (infamous?) Law Hawk, several attempts at capture, and a stream of curious onlookers.

Dixie’s owner, increasingly concerned that the Homecoming crowds might pose a danger to the bird, made one more effort to capture her this afternoon and this time was successful. Studies in the main reading room ground to a halt as students and staff gathered at the windows to watch, their attachment to the little hen evident in the loud boos voiced as she was finally caught.

Farewell, Dixie Chick. It’s been fun!

Photo: Jason Tubinis

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