Law Library Circulation: More Than Just Books!

Be sure to take advantage of the wide range of useful (and fun) items available at the circulation desk!

Out on the front counter you’ll find most of the office supplies you might need: staplers, white out, paper clips, tape.  Often, we have pens and highlighters. This is also where to pick up earplugs.

Find a movie in our DVD collection, and want to watch it right away? You don’t need a ten pound lap top with a disc player. You can check out a portable DVD player right at the circ desk when you pick up your movie.

We also have bookstands, flashdrives, and often on a rainy day we can offer an umbrella.

Questions? Call the Circ Desk at 706-542-1922.

Circulation Assistant Jim Stipemaas

Circulation Assistant and one of our talented artists in residence,” Jim StipeMaas. That’s his award-winning piece, “Fines Will Not Be Waived,” on the wall behind him.

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