Ethical linking on the Web: Why it Matters

Planning to blog from your legal practice? Award-winning journalist, Mathew Ingram, who’s been covering business, technology and new media for the last 15 years, writes this week in GigaOm about the importance of linking to (and thereby giving credit to) the source of your news. Why does this matter? It isn’t just polite, says Ingram. Linking to your sources provides that critical element of transparency, what he identifies as the “currency” of the Web, “the essence of the new remix culture.” Links distinguish ethical sites from unethical ones. Failure to credit sources may give the temporary illusion that you’ve gotten the scoop but the lack of transparency “depreciates the value of the blog” and ultimately leads to a loss of trust. Read the article: Why links matter: Linking is the lifeblood of the web

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