Holy Damages, Batman! Who’s Going to Pay for That?

Did you ever wonder who might be liable for damages incurred during a battle between Batman and The Joker? Do estate tax laws apply when the deceased is a zombie? Does Captain America own his shield? For discussions of these legal issues and more, look no further than the Law and the Multiverse blog.

The blog’s authors, James Daily and Ryan Davidson, are practicing attorneys in IP law and insurance law, respectively. They describe their blog as discussing “the hypothetical legal ramifications of comic book tropes, characters, and powers.” The pair also offers on-demand CLE courses on such topics as Whammo! What Superheroes and Comic Books Can Teach Us about Constitutional Law and Everyday Ethics from Superhero Attorneys.

Oh, if you’re a Military Law expert, they’re looking for some help on a post about the Avengers and the law of war.

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