New Book: Gender-Inclusive Juries!

The classic 1957 film set inside a jury room, 12 Angry Men, is made up of just that – men!  Even though women won the right to vote on the Federal level in 1920, other aspects of citizenship, such as jury service, continued to be legally denied to women for decades after.  Author Holly J. McCammon takes an in depth scholarly look at the issue in the new book, The U.S. Women’s Jury Movements and Strategic Adaption: The Most Just Verdict.  This book examines case studies of how women mobilized in fifteen states, including Georgia, to change jury laws so that women could gain this additional right of citizenship. Some campaigns quickly succeeded; others took substantially longer.  Her analysis of social movements, including their strategies and outcomes, both informs us of the past, but also sheds light on approaches for contemporary social movements.

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