Finding a Job!

The post-law school job search – how does one find a job that is the best fit for them?  There are many books in the Law Library which offer guidance on how to find your ideal legal job.  You can search GAVEL using the terms “law vocational guidance” or browse the Balcony shelves between KF297-KF300.  Some highlights from our collection have been on display in the Law Library for the month of May in the main reading room.  One featured title is the 2011 publication Job Quest for Lawyers by Sheila Nielsen which offers advice on finding hidden jobs, networking, interviewing, and avoiding common pitfalls.  Some other job search titles in the Law Library collection include The Lawyer’s Guide To Finding Success In Any Job Market, Fifty Unique Legal Paths : How To Find The Right Job, and Guerrilla Tactics For Getting The Legal Job Of Your Dreams (2nd ed.).

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