Archiving the Web

Have you ever used an old newspaper on microfilm to explore events of twenty, fifty or even more than a hundred years ago? Future scholars will similarly look to current documents from the Web to piece together the events of our time. In addition, historians seeking to trace the development of an institution such as our own UGA School of Law will look to that institution’s websites and related documents in creating an institutional timeline. The trick is to preserve and make accessible pages that are overwritten by more current information, thereby creating an archive of those pages over a period of time.

“Archiving the Web for Scholars” in today’s Inside Higher Ed describes various resources used by libraries and other institutions to preserve “the ephemera of the Web” including copying entire domains which can be navigated even after the site moves or disappears. Read the full article to learn about resources such as the Wayback Machine and Archive-IT, which recently partnered with the American University in Cairo to create the 2011 Egyptian Revolution collection of blogs, Twitter feeds, news accounts, memorials and documents relating to the recent momentous events in Egypt.

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