New Books: Go Team!

Sports Justice by Roger I. AbramsWritten for both the sports fan and legal scholar, Roger I. Abrams’ recently published book “Sports Justice: the Law and the Business of Sports” explores notable cases and important legal isses that face both amateur and professional athletes. Sports Law Blog recently featured a full description of the book plus blurbs from noted sports law scholars.Sport Mediation and Arbitration by Ian S. Blackshaw

For a more international sports focus, take a look at “Sport, Mediation and Arbitration” by Ian S. Blackshaw published by Cambridge in 2009. Exploring the increasing use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in sports, the book features ADR use by major sports organizations, case histories, and leading CAS awards and WIPO decisions. If you like sports, reading this book is a good way to understand more about ADR.

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